Green Growth Forum “Rohevik” examines the kind of future that will be built on sustainability and environmentally friendly ways of life in the Nordic-Baltic region.

“Rohevik” was launched in 2011 by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia. While first year’s inaugural festival comprised conferences in Tallinn and Tartu and a family day with electric car test drives on Freedom Square in Tallinn, the next year took the form of an international forum.

The word ‘forum’ comes from Latin, in which it described a city square where the people of the city would gather. It was the political and business heart of the city, and was the location of the court. In this sense it is the perfect term to use for “Rohevik”, since the event will bring together politicians, business operators and experts to discuss how a sustainable way of life can be achieved in the Baltic Sea region.

“Rohevik 2013″ consists of a conference in Tartu and seminar in Viljandi, Estonia:

  • The “Green Planning” conference takes place on 26 September in Tartu at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The discussions will open up the subject on three levels: city, community and building.
  • The “District Heating Potential and Applications” seminar takes place on 27 September in Viljandi at the Traditional Music Center. The main theme is central heating: the future, financing and alternatives.

The events are free of charge for all those who are interested but pre-registration is required.

Organisers of the Green Growth Forum “Rohevik 2013″ are the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the City of Tartu, the Union of Municipalities of Tartu County, the Tartu Regional Energy Agency, the Tartu Science Park and Viljandi County Government.