Sustainable energy is one of the key principals of nowadays’ environmentally conscious mindset, in addition to nature conservation. Our common goal is to meet the energy need, using only solutions that are cost-effective in the long run and have a minimal impact to the environment. New smart solutions are being constantly tested everywhere – both, as individual building and whole cities.

The conference features several practicioners and experts from Estonia, Latvia, Norway and Sweden who deal with green economy, energy-efficient building and energy production on a daily basis.

  • The conference “Smart Energy Solutions” takes place on October 25 (10:00-17:30) at the Estonion University of Life Sciences.
  • Visits to several energy objects and companies in Tartu County take place on October 26 (10:00-13:00).

In the first part of the conference speakers discuss about the possibilites and perspective of green economy in Estonia and the Nordic countries. Also, a study about green jobs in Estonia is introduced.

The second block of topics called “Smart energy solutions” is about the production and use of biogas and electric car experience in Tartu. Conceptions of a smart city and a smart house are introduced with the help of thought-provoking examples.

Presentations of the third block discuss on the topic of green building: renovating block houses in Estonia and building experience in Latvia. Also about the features and differences of zero emission and zero energy houes.

A study trip to the several energy companies and objects will be held on the second day, including Kõrveküla Kindergarten, Anne Soojus Boiler House and Ecoprint printing house. The trip will be finished with a visit to Tartu Science Park and Tartu Regional Energy Agency.